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Just Pope Motion

Look at that Pope go!

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This community is (sort of) a spin off of justpopemotion, a community about pop music and fandoms. Or something. I can't look at the name of that community without thinking about the Pope busting a funky move (which is not at all what that community's creators intended, I'm sure), so I finally gave in and created this community. Please join if the idea of the Pope groovin' is hilarious to you. Please also join if you can create animations of said Pope grooviness.

The conversation that got me started thinking about this:

grass_stained: I have some concerns that we might actually get bored of discussing the way in which the pope moves -- especially since, to my knowledge, he's rather old and has some trouble moving. :D
supercheesegirl: Yeah, but just imagine if the pope was really frisky and loved to dance or something. I bet there's people out there who could make pope animations that would be hilarious.
grass_stained: That would be kind of funny. You get down with your bad self, man. Actually, the Pope is the real Master P.
supercheesegirl: He could do a series of exercise videos: "Groovin' with the Pope", "The Spirit Moves Me", "Sweatin' to the Really Oldies (with chant provided by the monks of Santa Domingo de Silos)". The Pope should really get on top of this niche market.
grass_stained: Oh god. What if Richard Simmons AND the Pope got together in on this deal? We should write him a letter.
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