Fort Awesome (supercheesegirl) wrote in pope_motion,
Fort Awesome

First post!

Hi! Welcome to the Pope Motion community. This community began because someone on my friends list is a member of justpopemotion, and I couldn't look at the name of that community without giggling incessantly over a mental picture of the Pope in motion. The Pope dancing a jig. The Pope bustin' a funky move. This community exists to give weirdos like me a place to laugh. At the Pope. And then we'll all burn in hell. Hooray!

If you can make any kind of animation of the Pope, please, please, make my day and do so. I'll love you for at least a few days if not forever.
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Rox... you make me feel normal. :D
Glad I could be of service, darling.

I love you.
I love you too, Alli.
This is perfect.
Pope/Richard Simmons is totally an OTP. *looks around to make sure the freaky MIB types from The Omega Code (which had Michael Ironside in it--therefore is connected to lots of Canadian Scifi) aren't going to get her now* 'Few. Coast is clear.
Pope/Richard Simmons is totally an OTP.

That's... a little terrifying. :)
please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me you guys aren't making fun of the Pope.

Never! As I said in the post and in the userinfo, the community started as kind of a joke, that it was funny to imagine the pope dancing. He wasn't in such poor health when the community started, and we never meant to be disrespectful, only goofy.
ok... thank you!